Tools vs. Solutions


Folks love tools, but often (especially in marketing) people focus on tools when they should focus on solutions. Think of it this way: you don’t need a drill— What you really need is a hole.


It’s important to identify what the need is before we begin to discuss tactics and strategies. In marketing, it’s important to identify not just the need (more sales, for example) but also the steps. The more complex the sale, the more steps, and the greater need for automated processes…

Case Study

Ecommerce Sales Platform

Built from the ground up

Sales Per Month Online


Ecom Built from Ground Up


Percentage of Overall Sales

Amazing Result

Ecom forms base for doubling sales in 5 years

Steamline Ordering

Wholesale business was hampered by labor-intensive ordering process, primarily via phone. Introduction of eCommerce website freed up resources and reduced calls

Double sales without expanding payroll

The challenge was doubling sales without ballooning costs. Wholesale business was able (over 4.5 years) to double sales while maintaining current payroll. This was achieved through streamlining ordering, reducing phone calls, and back-end optimization

Email Marketing

Promoting the eCommerce website was key to sales goals. Weekly specials offers were used to drive sales and stay in front of customers and prospects. List grew to over 6000, with about 1500 customers. Over the course of a few years, over 600K targeted, personalized emails were sent from home-grown list

sales growth
  • Growth of Sales Online: 65% 65%
  • ROI Adwords: 2,100% 97%
  • Email Subscribers: 6,100 61%
  • Shopping Cart Abandon: 17% .5%

The Results Were Amazing

Launched in first quarter of 2010, the eCommerce sales engine formed the base for lead generation (primarily through Search Engine Optimization and Adwords advertising), constant communication (primarily through targeted personalized email “blasts” promoting sale items) that generated over $3 Million in direct sales in 2015.

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