I ran across this while looking for some folders in my wife’s office, tucked away in a sample portfolio. It’s nice to hear what other people think of you. This was particularly kind. Thank you Brett Hall!

Scott Bronstad joined Century (DBA Arbor Products currently) after establishing an outsource working relationship with Century and me in particular through his position at PrintMailers (DBA Thomas Printworks currently) where we utilized his talents on many design and print projects. Due to his relationship we had high expectations of Scott. After one full year it is safe to say that Scott has more than exceeded those expectations.

Scott has exceeded those expectations by not only performing his assigned duties above and beyond expectations but by also reaching into other areas of the company. He has gained an exemplary level of product knowledge, reached into other other areas of the company, such as typesetting and production to help, and has taken on a true sense of caring, concern and responsibility for the overall company condition. Specific examples include such help as downloading data to the C5000 program (CRM system for custom products), laying out the floor plan for our new facility, preparing Staples ad specialty art, learning to run the laser for product development projects and writing copy for the overload of various marketing projects. Scott also took great care and concern in setting and drafting our company mission statement and approached this with a true concern for the company culture… not just putting words on paper.

Today Century’s greatest strength and leading quality to our customers is not the manufacturing excellence that may soon come. It is not the technical innovations that we’ve achieved or the quality of customer service that we strive for; it is not the size, history, or stability of the company. It is the strength and sophistication of our marketing and the perception that it creates with our customer. And, with the customer, perception is reality. Scott has played a large and important role in creating that perception.

Scott has always been willing to put in the extra time and effort needed to complete impossible projects and has always met the doubtful deadline. It is also of significant note that he has managed to do while serving multiple masters and being cast as a pawn in political predicaments that have plagued us over the last several months.

I would be hard pressed to name any employee that has done a better job in all my 24 years of experience. It is without hesitation that I give Scott this high praise. My only hesitation is that this review may not fully reflect the excellence that Scott has brought to Century. We would be a lesser company today without his talents and services.

Brett Hall

Marketing Director, Century Marking Inc